How to Choose LED Lights for Your Home

LED lights for your home

Embrace an energy efficient, simple solution with LED lighting. LED lights were created in 1962 and over time have become an affordable, sought-after option for homeowners across the globe. Throughout this blog we’ll chat about the benefits of updating and/or selecting LED downlights for your home.

Why LED lights are a good option

So, why is everyone making the switch to LED lights at home? LED downlights are a great alternative to the traditional incandescent bulb. They offer a variety of benefits in comparison to traditional bulbs including:

  • Cheaper (short term and long term)
  • Limitless shapes, sizes, and colours
  • Better for the environment
  • Up to 50% more light
  • Longer lifespan
  • Safer

Adjustable settings

One great feature is that you can easily change your LED lights settings. Whether you need to dim them down and set the scene whilst watching a scary movie, change the colours for a fun energetic party vibe, or use LEDs to showcase a feature in your home such as under-bench lighting or spotlighting art features. Create the atmosphere you want with LED lighting.

Energy efficient

LED lights use lower energy than other bulbs on the market yet produce the same, if not better, amount of light. Because of this, LEDs are proven to be more energy efficient whilst running meaning your electricity bills will be reduced. They’re also more friendly to your wallet over time as the life of the bulb lasts much longer than ‘traditional’ bulbs.

Safer than traditional lights

LED lights are safer than traditional halogen lights as they produce practically no heat. In the past, halogen lights have been attributed to house fires because their bulbs and transformers produce a lot of heat. In roof cavities there are several substances that are easily ignited such as dust, paper, and insulation. LED lights on the other hand do not produce enough heat to burn your hand let alone set fire to the above-mentioned materials. Particularly for older homes, it is highly recommended to replace all halogen lights with new LEDs to reduce the risk of fire.

Outdoor LED lights

There are several different types of LED lights that can be used outdoors including garden lights, security lighting, and exterior wall lighting. The most common are floodlights or spotlights which are often mounted on poles or to the exterior wall of homes. They usually have a relatively low output (low wattage) and are quite long lasting so little maintenance is required.

Who can install my LED lights?

While you can easily change your LED downlight bulbs as mentioned above, you do need to have an electrician to legally install them into your home. Whether you’re replacing existing lights, newly installing LED downlights, or you’re simply unsure what will be right for you and your home, our team at Gorey Electrical can help.

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