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Data Cabling to Suit You

Our structured cabling connects your home, office or industry to the world with reliable, high-speed internet. Cabling can get complex quickly and our builds let your internet access grow with your needs. Our data cabling solutions make troubleshooting and fixes easy.

Don’t worry if you’ve already started. We replace, bolster and organise existing networks. Whether you’re bringing your computers together or connecting your office to the world, the right cabling can save you money, stress, and time.


Home and Business Data Cabling Professionals

New Installations & Data Networking

Effective data networking is essential, whether you’re a household, a new startup, or bringing an existing business into the modern era. With best practices and installations from the start, you can avoid many of the common headaches.

Our convenient installs give you access to home and office networks, smart home and automation, and cloud backup services, keeping your data transfer fast and secure.

Structured cabling performed by Gorey Electrical
Electrician installing Data cables

Phone and Data Points

Not all Perth homes and offices were built with modern data transfer in mind. Our experienced technicians install, replace, and relocate phone and data points to maximise your data efficiency and reliability.

Our installations take place around your schedule and budget. No solution is too big or too small. We take special care to ensure our cabling is installed carefully and securely.

Structured Cabling

Cabling isn’t just essential for internet access. Internal networks require cabling and cable management to transfer data between local computers. Internal networks run through cable or Wi-Fi, so data rates can far exceed internet speeds.

Home and office cabling can connect several computers, or include a central server for significant storage capacity and access. Our structured cabling takes advantage of patch panels and Wi-Fi access points to ensure you never have to worry about messy and inconvenient cable runs.

Data cables
Data cables

Home and Office Networking

Our networking experience is trusted by hospitals, nursing homes, insurance companies, and factories. Gorey Electrical Service also connects your home or office to the world.

Modern networks employ both high-speed cabling and Wi-Fi access points to provide simple, reliable and convenient connection solutions. Leveraging fifty years of electrical experience, we create reliable data cabling solutions for your needs.

Repairs and Fault Finding

The best way to secure your network against faults is to start with the right installation and cable management structure. If faults do occur, you can rely on our decades of electrical experience and modern diagnostic tools to find and fix any issues. We troubleshoot issues efficiently and effectively. With Gorey on your side, you’ll be back on the web in no time.

Data Cables

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Service Areas

As your local electrician with extensive experience, Gorey Electrical Services proudly serve the electrical industry in Perth’s southern suburbs from Cockburn to Byford, and South Perth to Belmont. Visit our About page for a full list of our service / work areas.

Map of Gorey Electrical's service areas


What is a Cat6 cable?

Cat6 is the modern standard for networking. Cat6 cables can throughput up to 10 Gigabits of data, significantly faster than even the world’s fastest internet connections. Newer Cat6A cables run at the same speeds as Cat6, but can run for a longer 328 feet of cable at maximum speed (In contrast to Cat6 which decays in speed after 164 feet).

Many homes and offices find Cat6 sufficient, and use the cheaper Cat5E cable for longer runs: Cat5E, while initially slower than Cat6, runs at the same speed as Cat6 at lengths beyond 164 feet. To find the best solution for your home or office, contact us today.

Are you licensed?

We are licensed and accredited with the ACRS Australian Cable Registration Service. Our license number is A038848 and can be checked at the ACRS website.

What areas do you service?

We serve Cockburn to Baldivis and Byford, South Perth to Como and Belmont. Visit our About page for a full list of our service areas.

Our Services

Lighting installation
Light your home, office, or warehouse with sustainable lighting solutions. We specialise in LED lighting for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.
Members of the Gorey electrical team collaborating to wire up an electrical machine
Industry never sleeps, but you can! Get your factory running 24/7 with automation and offsite controls.
Super X hot water system
We provide hot water systems for homes, kitchens, offices and more. Electrical hot water runs reliably and efficient in every season.
Professional electrician working carefully to install a stove
Get the latest induction stove for your home or commercial kitchen. We install all stove systems both modern and traditional.
A diligent Gorey electrical employee carefully installing a CCTV system
Secure your home, office or warehouse with the latest CCTV camera solutions. We install modern cameras for all needs.
consumer pole

If your private power pole is deemed unsafe by Western Power or your electrical provider, our highly qualified team offer efficient repairs, pole replacements, and installation solutions.