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Reliable Hot Water Systems

Hot water is an essential modern convenience at home and work. We install high-quality electrical and solar-powered hot water systems. Trusted by the biggest names in the industry, we are the warranty and service agents for Wilson Super X. Our expert installations mean you get to stop worrying about your hot water system.

Homes and workplaces throughout Perth are increasingly turning to solar power for clean, free hot water. Modern solar solutions are more reliable, cost effective, and powerful than ever before. With Gorey Electrical Service, you get fast, reliable hot water any way you want all year round.


Common Issues

My water is coming out cold

If your water refuses to heat suddenly, it may point to a blown element or a problem with your thermostat. Fortunately, we are able to quickly and conveniently fix both issues. We reliably fix simple hot water issues on our first visit.

My heater is tripping the circuit breaker

Another common issue related to a blown element. Tripping circuit breakers are often a simple and convenient fix. As expert electricians, we are sure to check your circuit breaker for any other underlying issues when repairing your hot water system.

My hot water pressure has dropped

Internal blockages can often present themselves as a drop or stoppage in your hot water pressure. Regular services, and occasional repairs will minimise the risk of blockages. Gorey keeps your hot water running clean and fast.

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Hot Water Systems


We install and replace hot water systems for homes and workplaces, both new and established. Our expert installation technicians help you choose the correct size, energy source, and location to provide lasting and effective water heating.

Super X hot water system
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We effectively troubleshoot all hot water issues. We are transparent and honest about the state of your system. We advise you the best course of action and only perform necessary and useful repairs.


Ongoing maintenance increases the lifespan and efficiency of your hot water system. If you notice a change in your system or don’t remember your last service, get in touch with Gorey Electrical Service today.

Types of Hot Water Systems

Electric (storage or instantaneous)

While both storage and instantaneous heaters use similar heating technology, they differ in power and throughput. Instantaneous heaters employ a high-power element to heat water as it runs through the system. Conversely, storage heaters are able to more passively heat and hold water.

The choice between storage and instantaneous electric water heating is a personal one. If you require multiple showers at once, storage can prove a better option. However, instantaneous systems can run hot for prolonged periods of time without fear of depleting the tank.


Solar heating systems use the sun and insulation to heat water and keep it hot. Solar powered systems reduce a home’s reliance on gas or electricity for hot water, reducing your energy demands and decreasing your carbon footprint.

Solar hot water systems have improved dramatically in recent years. Modern solar heating systems often employ a battery or electric booster option so you’re never without hot water.

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We serve Perth’s southern suburbs from Cockburn to Byford, and South Perth to Belmont. Visit our About page for a full list of our service areas.

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