Private Power Pole Replacement and Installation

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Consumer Power Pole Responsibility

Private power poles, also referred to as consumer poles, are typically the responsibility of the property owner, meaning it is your responsibility if repairs or replacement are deemed necessary after inspection from your service provider such as Western Power.

When your electrical provider inspects your power pole and deems it as being unsafe, they will issue you a defect notice. This notice serves as a formal indication that your power pole needs immediate attention to meet safety standards. It’s important to address these issues swiftly to avoid any potential hazards from occurring such as fires or electric shocks, which may arise from outdated or deteriorated infrastructure.

Our team at Gorey Electrical offer a seamless solution for private power pole replacement and installations. Our experienced, certified team are equipped to handle installations, repairs, and replacements, ensuring compliance with all regulations and safety standards. Make sure that your property remains safe with the help of Gorey Electrical.


Enquire to get started on your power pole replacement!

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As your local electrician with extensive experience, Gorey Electrical Services proudly serve the electrical industry in Perth’s southern suburbs from Cockburn to Byford, and South Perth to Belmont. Visit our About page for a full list of our service / work areas.

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If your private power pole is deemed unsafe by Western Power or your electrical provider, our highly qualified team offer efficient repairs, pole replacements, and installation solutions.

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